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Wix Review – The Best Website Builder

What is Wix?

Wix is a cloud-based administration that enables you to structure and manufacture your very own site without having to realize how to code.

Wix was established in 2006, and is one of the bigger site building organizations, with 1,800 workers and 120 million clients. It has a few workplaces in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, however just a solitary one in Western Europe right now (in Berlin, Germany).

For point of view, Squarespace has about a large portion of the quantity of workers and ‘millions’ of clients, Jimdo has 200 representatives and 20 million clients, and Moonfruit has 5 million clients (no information is accessible on the quantity of Moonfruit representatives).

Wix’s huge size gives long haul security (i.e., decreases the danger of the association collapsing, taking your site with it), and means you can anticipate customary element refreshes.

Does Wix give all the usefulness requirement for my site?

Wix enables clients to make sites utilizing a straightforward and instinctive intuitive UI.

A Wix site can be utilized for:

  • facilitating an online discussion
  • building an online store to sell advanced and physical items
  • gathering contact subtleties


You don’t have a choice with hosting – you must use Wix’s ‘free’ hosting. In practice you are paying a monthly fee for your website, and it’s just a matter of marketing as to whether the fee is called a hosting fee or a Wix paid-for plan. 

Wix claim 99.8% uptime, which is acceptable. They rather vaguely say that they have servers ‘all over the world’ – this may be a disadvantage if you want to use servers located in Europe, for example, or to avoid servers in a particular country due to privacy concerns. 


Wix makes it simple to include capacities like parallax looking over, movements, and video foundations to your site. These capacities are consequently incapacitated in portable view to improve execution.

All things considered, on the grounds that you can, doesn’t mean you should — livelinesss are a typical wellspring of ease of use and execution issues.

Wix Editor

Wix Editor requires some basic computing skills: it’s roughly equivalent in complexity to using Microsoft Word to lay out a newsletter. Wix Editor gives you flexibility to alter the layout, but there are still limitations compared to a fully-fledged HTML/CSS solution. 

E-commerce functionality

If you are, you’ll find that the platform does a pretty good job of making eCommerce accessible and ‘non-scary’ for entrepreneurs trying online selling for the first time. Getting started is quick and straightforward – enter the data, set up payment options, and off you go. 

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